The Divine Wedding Feast – Rumi Lovers July Opportunity in the Pacific Northwest

Divine Wedding Feast

This is a living stream, unbroken since Rumi’s time, of mystics taking an inner journey to discover the Unity beyond the small self.  His timeless wisdom points us toward this deep work — to know yourself is to know your Lord.  The chickpea submits to the boiling to become savory and soft.  As we cook, God willing, we become more open and the veils over our hearts dissolve.

This year there will be a weekend retreat in Portland, OR, July 21-24th.  We come together to share our group practices of remembrance prayer, spiritual discussion, Turning practice, Rumi’s wisdom teachings and poetry.  We will share the Estaghfurullah Zikr of our Makam Postneshin Jelaleddin Loras to purify our hearts and allow the forgiveness of Allah to permeate us.   After two full days of Mevlevi immersion, we will share a family Sema  We are supported by the Mevlevi musicians who bring the Wind for our wings.

The Divine Wedding Feast Retreat will include lunch and dinner, entrance fee for the Estaghfurullah zikr and Family Sema events from Friday evening dinner, July 21st through Monday lunch, July 24th.  Cost is $225 and registration details follow.  For more information contact or Fatush  at 808 347-0731.  Insh’allah housing will be found in the local community for those who request it.

All are welcome to join this Caravan with senior teachers of the Mevlevi Order of America.  Some of them have been students from the first offering of Suleyman Hayati Dede who had the vision to spread this ancient tradition.

Our teachers will be:

Karim and Noor Kerima Payton have been on the Mevlevi path since the late 1970’s when Suleyman Hayati Dede visited America.  They have studied with his son Makampostneshin (Head of the Order)Jelaleddin Dede since he arrived in America in 1978.  Karim and Noor Kerima were initiated as Postneshin in the Mevlevi Order of America in 2013.  Noor Kerima worked as a bereavement social worker at Saint Francis Hospice in Hawaii, and Karim is a consulting organizational psychologist.  Karim was appointed Ser Tariq (Servant of the Order) by Jelaleddin Dede in 2016.  He is responsible for Mevlevi Order of America until Jelaleddin Dede’s son Suleyman is ready to take up his role as Makampostneshin.

Hadi Reinhertz  came to the Sufi Path of Hazrat Inayat Khan the early seventies. He met Jelaleddin Dede in 1981 and became a semazen in the 1990’s and was initiated as a Postneshin in 2013. He worked as a public school educator for forty years and continued as a mentor of new teachers for another fifteen years. Now he is happily retired and continues to be of service wherever service calls him.

Shakina Reinhertz was initiated as a semazen in 1982 by Jelaleddin Dede. For several years , they both lived at Sami Mahal, a Sufi Khaniqah in San Rafael, Ca. Shakina was a student  of Efendi for over forty years. At his request she created a training manual for the Mevlevi Order. In 2013, she was initiated by him as a Postneshin.  Her work in the world includes two decades of social service work and three decades teaching, including “Intro to Sufism” at the interfaith Chaplaincy institute in Berkeley Ca.  She is the author of “Women called to the path of Rumi.”

Scott Hoffman met Reshad Field in the 70’s and lived four years in Canada where the Vancouver Turning Society hosted Suleyman Hayati Dede’s visits.  When Jelaleddin Dede created MOA in the Bay Area, Scott travelled to join in Semas. In ’93, MOA organized in Seattle and he began teaching weekly classes in the turn and Sema ceremony.  Scott eventually organized annual Sema tours and gatherings, became a member of the MOA Board and Vice President.  He was initiated with the 2013 MOA Postneshins and serves the Seattle community with  weekly Zikrs and monthly Family Semas.


We are delighted with your interest in this gathering of hearts — a weekend of immersion into the Mevlevi family of the Pacific Northwest.
To register, please send the following information to  Your space will be confirmed once payment has been received by check to MOA (Mevlevi Order of America) at PO Box 2376, White Salmon, WA 98672.

Cell Phone

Please bring a water bottle.  Socks for possible Turning on a wooden floor and comfortable clothing (layers useful).

Housing needed?
If so, any special issues on allergies, diet, smoking, pets.
Can sleep on: Double, Single, Sofa, Floor Mat, Floor Space

We are reaching out to our local community for hospitality not all of whom will be attending the events.
Will you have daily transportation to and from the venue?
If you are flying in, please get us your flight information.

Meals are included for 3 days dinner and lunch starting Friday night and ending Monday lunch.  There will be meat and vegetarian options.  Please state your preference and other needs.  We will try and make things separate so you can avoid wheat and dairy.  Breakfast is on your own.

Because of meals, we will refund registration less a $25 fee if notified by July 14th.  To protect each other we request you be symptom free throughout the event.   If allergies are an issue, please bring a self test or two.