Prayers of Forgiveness

As we look out into the world, we see much that needs to be brought to general awareness and tended  consciously.  We can start with work on our internal environment.  Wiping the rust from the heart with the name of God, turning it over and finding ourselves in a community of loving acceptance are excellent pathways.

Come to experience this depth of heart directly through song and movement, the Sufi practice of Zikr:

Portland Nov Zikr 2017

November 18, 2017 at

Collins View Dance Center, 318 SW Palatine Hill Rd. (Terwilliger to Primrose).

$15 donation                                  7 -9 pm

More information: 808-347-0731

Please carpool and be respectful of the neighborhood parking.

Wear comfortable, modest clothing and thick socks for ease of floor movement.

No experience necessary.