Information on the Mevlevi and Sufism from other sources

The Celebi Website - Descendants of Hz. Mevlana

Dar al Masnavi - The electronic school of Masnavi studies

Semazen - A very rich site in Turkish

Halveti-Jerrahi Order - A Traditional Muslim Sufi Order

Sufi Ruhaniat International - Friends of lovers of Mevlana

Dances of Universal Peace - Find the Dances in your area

Sufi Order International - Their official web site

International Association of Sufism - History, research, resources

Sufism Journal Online - Journal for studies in self-knowledge

Sufi Women Organization - Women in Sufism

Rumi Society - In Vancouver, Canada

Sufism's Many Paths - An academic survey

Sunlight Listserv - Daily versions of Hz. Mevlana's poetry via email

Serving the Guest: A Sufi Cookbook & Art Gallery

Khamush - Rumi site from the U.K.

Cappadocia: Whirling Dervishes on