About the Mevlevi Order of America

The Mevlevi traditions come to us in an unbroken chain from Sufi mystic poet Hz. Mevlânâ Jelaluddin RUMI, who lived in 13th century Turkey, then the Seljuk Empire. More information about Hazreti Mevlânâ is here. He is also widely known today as a best-selling poet, inspiring many with his overflowing devotion to and love of God.

Hz. Suleyman Hayati Dede, Mevlevi Sheikh of Konya, Turkey (d. 1986) traveled to Western Europe and North America many times, bringing compassion and love to the lives of all who were fortunate to meet him. In 1978 he sent his son, Postneshin Jelaleddin Loras to America to continue fulfilling Dede's inspiration; to bring the traditional teachings and practices of the Mevlevi to the west.

Since that time Postneshin Jelaleddin has instructed and led many in the traditional Mevlevi teachings and practices of Sema (the turning ritual), circles for Zikr (divine remembrance), and Sohbet (sacred discourse), continuing the traditions of the Mevlevi in the West. He resides on Maui and travels extensively. sharing what he knows from his upbringing in the heart of this teaching in Konya, Turkey and within the long lineage of the Mevlevi Sufi tradition. He is the Spiritual Director and President of the Mevlevi Order of America.

The Mevlevi Order of America offers regular classes, seminars, and public Zikr ceremonies, and offers Sema, the Whirling Prayer Ceremony to the public for Shebi Aruz, the anniversary of Mevlana's passing, on December 17th each year. Music is an important part of our Remembrance and Prayer.

Currently, we have active circles in many cities on the west coast, in upstate New York, Maui, and Honolulu. Contact us for more information. All people, of any religious or spiritual tradition, are welcome to participate in these practises and classes.

For schedules of classes or seminars, please contact us.

The Mevlevi are mystics, believing that one's path is to God. Mysticism is concerned with developing one's abilities and capacity through emotional, intellectual, and physical practices. We greatly respect all genuine traditions of belief and faith which seek to accept the responsibility of humanity to care for each other and our world. We firmly reject the actions of those who pervert the words of God to justify violence for political ends.

If you find resonance with this or other spiritual traditions follow your inspiration and spend some time within these mystic schools.

The Mevlevi Order of America is a tax-exempt, non-profit religious organization.